Broken car windscreen - protect in future with windscreen insurance cover

Why should I buy Windscreen Insurance Cover?

Purchasing windscreen cover allows you to reduce any costs incurred, in the event you sustain any damage to your windscreen, body glass or rear screen and need to have them replaced.

  • Allows you to have a windscreen repair free of charge
  • Gives you access to one of the UK's premier windscreen replacement services
  • Allows you to make a glass claim regardless of whether your damage was accidental or the result of vandalism

The cost of replacing a windscreen varies. Modern car windscreens, especially on luxury cars, are far more than a pane of glass. They often contain all kinds of advanced features, such as rain sensors, noise suppression material and heating elements.

Average costs can vary from £260+VAT for a mid range vehicle up to £1350+VAT for a luxury vehicle.

Windscreen Insurance from less than £5.00 a month