Windscreen damage

Terms and conditions

The insurance is subject to the following Conditions:

  1. The insurance applies only to the vehicle shown on your policy schedule, whilst it is in your ownership and is registered in your name or your company’s name. 
  2. Unless the Company agrees otherwise this policy will only be effective in the first year of insurance from the 14th day after your application for cover. 
  3. Within 7 days of cover starting You, must provide us with photographic evidence that your windscreen and sides windows have no pre-existing damage. Should you fail to do this, the maximum we will contribute towards your windscreen claim will be restricted to £75 after the deduction of the excess. Any additional payments required will be your responsibility to pay directly to the appointed repairer. 
  4. Once a policy is issued, there is a period of 14 days (the ‘Cooling Off’ period) during which you may change your mind about continuing with the application for insurance. This is regardless of whether cover has commenced. 
  5. For a claim to be valid under the insurance, repairs /replacements must be carried out by our nominated supplier, which may at its own option repair, reinstate or replace windscreen or body glass. Failure to use our nominated supplier will result in a maximum payment of  £100 after the deduction of the excess. 
  6. The Company’s liability in any one insurance year will be limited to £500 after the deduction of any excesses. 
  7. Cover applies only within England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland and, unless the Company has agreed otherwise in writing, is subject to English law.