Windscreen insurance cover to protect you from damage to your vehicle's windscreen

Windscreen Insurance to cover all glass breakages for only £55.99 per annum

Offering the only stand alone affordable cover, for people without Windscreen Insurance as part of their current Motor Insurance. Annual premium payments only

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Cover for less than £5 per month

Protect yourself if your vehicle's windscreen, body glass or rear glass is damaged Annual premium payments only

A trusted insurer

We've been trading for 16 years with over 200,000 policies sold to date and over £1.0 million in claims paid out

Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

We are fully regulated and policies are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Easy repairs

Call our authorised repair team, or book online, in the event of any claim

£0 excess for repairs

Repairs are free, £85 excess applies for replacement glass

Frequently asked questions

Does windscreen insurance only cover me for my windscreen?

No, the policy allows you to make a claim for damage to your windscreen, body glass or rear screen, but does not cover you for any damage to sunroofs.

No, claims cannot be made within 14 days of purchase of a policy. This does not apply at renewal.

The excess is £85 and applies to any replacement service. There is no excess for repairs, these are free.

Yes, no excess applies to a repair being carried out.

The current limit is £500 in any one year after the deduction of any excesses. Due to our buying power, our average claim is less than half of that.

The average is based on using Original Equipment parts via our authorised supplier, use of dealer parts may carry a higher premium and may impact on your policy limit.

No, no pre-existing damage will be covered by this policy. We advise that you have the damage repaired or glass replaced, and then return to us and purchase a policy to protect you against future damage.

Yes, failure to do so will result in any subsequent claim being restricted to a maximum payment of £75 after the payment of the excess, with the balance of the claim to be paid by yourself.

No, but failure to use our authorised supplier will result in any claim being limited to a maximum payment of £100 after payment of excess.

No, this policy does not cover the recalibration costs of any safety assist systems or equipment as a result of glass replacement to the insured vehicle. This includes but is not limited to the following systems. ADAS, ADC, AEB, LVD or SLR.

No, the policy is only designed to cover UK-spec cars, vans and light commercials up to 3.5t.

Coach, bus, HGV, and any vehicles with modifications, or grey imports, are excluded.

Yes, We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to issue your policy and the policies themselves are backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the UK.

It will not, if you have third-party or third-party fire and theft cover, without any glass cover.

If you have a comprehensive motor policy, we recommend checking your current terms and conditions to ensure you cannot make a claim under that policy, before purchasing a windscreen cover policy. 

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